Smoke Defeats the Strongest DPI Firewalls

It’s a good day for free and open internet! SMOKE VPN TUNNEL is out to cover your way through DPI firewall.

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One click to connect apps for all major operating systems.
Real dedicated servers in more than 13 geographic locations around the world.
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Multiple protocols: L2TP, OpenVPN, SSH, Custom UDP tunnel.
Custom developed tunnel; SMOKE to defeat strong DPI firewalls.

VPN Traffic

Corporations and ISPs blocking or throttling VPN traffic

The Unrestricted Internet

How SMOKE Defeats VPN Blocking

We are very excited to announce the cutting edge innovation from b.VPN; SMOKE VPN Tunnel.

Lately, Internet freedom defenders worldwide have been concerned about VPN clients being detected and obstructed by different entities in different countries that use sophisticated forms of network packet filtering; especially DPI (Deep Packet Inspection).  

In order to confront this, our dedicated team of developers has been working on a customized UDP (User Datagram Protocol) tunnel inbuilt in b.VPN applications for Windows, Mac, and Android.

What SMOKE does is that it makes sure that VPN connection cannot be identified by DPI, while maintaining connection stability and speed with dynamic changes to tunnel behaviors’. b.VPN users can now enjoy unrestricted access to open Internet without worries about being tracked down, throttled, constantly disconnected.

Advantages of Using SMOKE

SMOKE is extremely beneficial for expats and businessmen who often travel to location that implement strict surveillance systems. Unlike proxy and VPN services that fail to work in hostile networks, SMOKE guarantees an extremely secure connection that cannot be traced or interrupted, even if DPI firewall is using backup tactics to sabotage and throttle packets SMOKE VPN tunnel have backup techniques to prevent this from happening and reduce disconnections dramatically.

SMOKE is also useful for fixing problems related to VPN blocking and bandwidth throttling that leads to slower connection.

Defy Deep Packet Inspection

Fixing speed issues related to bandwidth throttling

Opening blocked websites anywhere

How to Use SMOKE

Both free trial and paid users have access to SMOKE feature which is implemented by default in b.VPN applications for Windows, Mac and Android. Detailed instructions with screenshots on how to use SMOKE on different operating system can be found in our FAQ section.

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b.VPN and Internet Freedom

As mentioned above, VPN protocols are being inspected and throttles by different entities in different places around the world. 

Tens of countries ban different websites and applications for economic, religious and political reasons. Not only this, but it has become a known fact that most of ISPs in these countries keep logs of your browsing history, we have been horrified by the amount of logs a simple customer support employee knows about internet use so imagine how much logging higher level employees of ISPs have.

According to Google’s Transparency Report, 64 countries asked to ban certain web content and more than 39000 web pages were removed from Google’s search results.

b.VPN team is a strong believer in adult’s right to unrestricted knowledge and communication; that’s what the Internet is all about in the first place. No entity should have the authority to control what you have access to and definitely no entity should have the authority to monitor your online activity.

Proxy and VPN services are not merely tools to open blocked websites or to bypass Internet censorship, they are one of the most crucial means for individuals to defend their right to protect their online security, privacy and freedom against the increasing surveillance of those who think they know better and claim to be protecting us from ourselves, while in fact they’re protecting themselves.